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He feels these difficulties, accuses himself of naivete, and persists. He particularly remem bers that because nothing else seemed right, he used a razor.

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Appro priately, the instrument of in tellect, and very gruesome; but in literature we are often edified by strange pleasures. The murderer cannot, how ever, distinguish literature from life, which is unfortunate for the mute, lovely girl, though it is exhilarating for him.

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She enjoyed reading poetry. He must live it. She dies. He plucks sentimental heartstrings. And his music is gorgeous— sensual, mysterious and ghastly enough for all good Germans.

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In the first story a razor does the job; later it is a sword; finally, it is a gun. Not a struggle, really, the delicate and gentle glowworm was minding her own business and That is exactly how my father, in the good old days, looked at me, and moved from side to side, if I turned my head, to stare at me again, and his face and eyes were so hateful to me that I was completely at his mercy.

The woman says nothing. Nothing, in the flights of analy tical, omnivorous mind, is potential food.

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  • Novella Review (Italian SF in translation): “Cancerqueen” (1950), Tommaso Landolfi.
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The world is its worm and every object is sub ject to the interpretive will. This story exemplifies the power of Romanticism in a vicious aspect: a humorous, egocentric, thrilling vision, sorry for itself, wild with horny energy, but concise and never maudlin. Landolfi has been compared to Kafka, and scholarship as cures us that Kafka laughed aloud when reading his stories to friends.

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Where would we be without this clue? It is, however, unim aginable that Landolfi's work will be equated with neurosis and one day admired as proph ecy. It will live in its variety and art, and so will Kafka's unless he is indeed the prophet of our final terrors.

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Then nothing will live. Literary ques tions about feeling and art will no longer be mooted.

And the winner is It could be you any Thursday evening now at St. James and their patrons know we can always help people locally with money to pay bills, medicines or parking at hospitals.

Encyclopedia of Fantasy () – Landolfi, Tommaso

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