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There do seem to be green shoots of future success in the crypto world. That said, though, decentralized blockchain apps in many spaces, even non-financial ones, — such as, say, power grids or reputation economies —.

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To oversimplify, it's a publishing platform which includes a reputation ecosystem that is used to verify stories and individual facts. As does the whole new nascent crypto economic ecosystem, wherein value accrues to protocols not to companies. That sounds insane to those accustomed to traditional economics, but when value accrues to protocols not businesses, businesses make their money from the appreciation of the tokens they hold, not from revenue.

But it is not good to promise the world too soon. The crypto world has developed a nasty habit of over-promising and under-delivering.

In fact it seems to have strongly incentivized over-promising and under-delivering, which is pretty ironic since crypto-economics is supposed to largely be about correct and productive incentivization. There are signs that the irrational crypto boom is coming to an end; ICOs which a few months ago might have sold out in hours seem to now be struggling. The dialogue between Amanda and David is set in the present while the one between Amanda and Carla is set a few days earlier—but each dialogue is, in a sense, about the other.

Schweblin sustains both conversations while narrowing them toward a single question: the mysterious horror of the worms.

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Intertwined, these two dialogues form a shadow of an explanation—one that runs on nightmare logic, inexorable but elusive, and always just barely out of reach. So what are the worms?

Outside the home

What happened to David that day? Why is Amanda in the hospital with a strange child whispering in her ear?

And there was the stallion, drinking water from the stream. Carla tells this to Amanda, who tells it to David, each piece of information strung toward the present like a series of beads on a wire. It was around this point in the novel that I started looking over my shoulder.


Fever Dream

The reader begins to feel as if she is Amanda, tethered to a conversation that thrums with malevolence but which provides the only alternative to the void. Rather, I sensed that something terrible was happening just out of sight.

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Schweblin drops few hints as to what real-world inspiration might be driving her novel.