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Getting to the bottom of what civilization means in Japan Progress: good, or bad? Bad, thought Confucius, who for hundreds of years taught Japan to seek its ideals in the ancient past. Good, thought 19th-century modernizers, who redirected the nation's Student succeeds at failing to start work on his summer homework For elementary school children in Japan, their weeks-long summer vacation isn't entirely a time for leisure.

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Instead, it's overshadowed by a stack of homework that features, among other things, an In contrast, none of the elements of semen analysis, such as sperm swimming or concentration, had any relationship with male fertility. Next, researchers collected more Cap-Scores and clinical outcomes from a total of five fertility clinics and urology practices -- among them the Ronald O. Using data from men, scientists generated a curve that translates a Cap-Score into the probability of generating a pregnancy.

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He hopes such targeted treatments will save couples time, emotional distress and money. This is especially important for patients who are attempting to get pregnant later in life, when conception rates are reduced.

Cap-Score tests are available to patients and physicians at about a dozen fertility clinics across the country. Urologists will also use the Cap-Score to evaluate how different treatment regimens, such as nutritional supplements or surgery, will impact male fertility. Other potential applications extend far beyond doctor's offices.

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The ability to quantify the process that controls fertility within a sperm cell may point the direction for new approaches to male contraception; help sperm banks improve how they handle and freeze sperm; give new public health insights into overall male health and well-being; and enable pharmaceutical companies to test off-target impacts of new drugs.

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