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Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Gaim integrates with both GNOME and KDE, thereby setting a desktop application paradigm for the future—an application that plays standards, not desktop wars. Besides that, the selection of smiley-face icons is great for adding a touch of sarcasm with a well-placed smiley-face wearing a halo or shedding a tear. Here's a fun project for a cold fall evening: compare the table of contents in the first edition of Running Linux to the one in the fourth edition, and see how much more you can do now and how much less time you need to spend tweaking low-level stuff.

Much space in the first edition, for example, was used to explain things such as kermit and elm—it even brought up troff shudder.

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We know it's not your fault that you keep playing Frozen Bubble. We can't stand the pitiful little noise the penguin makes when we lose either. Yes, we know training is important and the horrors of what can happen when a poorly trained sysadmin is set loose in a server room. But we don't know why IBM won; in the ads, that kid who looks like Eminem's little brother seems pretty bored.

Maybe a Mick Bauer live security intrusion demo would hold his attention a little better. Readers always will have a special place in their hearts for a Web site that, on one page worth of headlines, offers updates on PSP 2. We know our US readers aren't actually running MPlayer because of the software patent situation, but it's nice to see what people in countries with more sensible patent systems can do.

It also comes with antispam, antivirus, intrusion detection and a Web proxy—features that would be expensive add-ons for other firewalls.

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Garnering over a thousand votes more than the second-place finisher, OOo has built a strong following in the Linux and Open Source community, thanks to its compatability and usability—not to mention our monthly Web column by Bruce Byfield, OOo Off the Wall. Check out his past columns on the LinuxJournal.

And don't miss the reader comments, where questions are asked, answered, debated, clarified and argued some more. We're all in suspense about what the new ThinkPad company, Lenovo, is going to do Linux-wise. Although ThinkPads are a common sight at Linux conferences, every one has to be tweaked or ordered through a company, such as EmperorLinux, that does a custom install for you.

Do a Google search for ThinkPad, and right after thinkpad. HP's Linux laptop mysteriously vanished from the company's Web site without a trace, but maybe Lenovo will listen to their Linux-using fans instead of falling prey to mysterious marketing conspiracies. Readers were waiting for it, they needed it, coveted it, and once the bit next generation of x86 became available, first from AMD, then from Intel, things just haven't been the same here.

It's not even close anymore. We shouldn't talk, though; we've featured x's bit processing power in the last three Ultimate Linux Box articles.

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More power is good. Mmmm, coffee, that sounds great.

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Can you get me a triple-shot Americano, please? Now the readers are singing the ProLiant's praises. A note to HP: please take this first-place win here, where second-place votes were less than half of what you received, as proof that we like your boxes, so you can cut out the pointless marketing poo-flinging at Sun, already. So combining that with its big win here, it looks like you can do a whole lot with OpenSSH—and you are. What, use something besides Vim? What do you have against orphans? Running Linux, Fourth Edition. Publisher: O'Reilly Media , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title You're about to begin your first Linux installation. Review : The Linux operating system has made a lot of progress in the past few years, and Running Linux has progressed right along with it to remain the single best general-purpose book for curious computer users who want to install, use, and enjoy Linux.

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Stock Image. Published by O'Reilly Media New Paperback Quantity Available: 2. Seller Rating:. Running Linux Matt Welsh. Published by O'Reilly Media, Incorporated. New Quantity Available: 2. Running Linux Welsh Matt. Majestic Books London, ,, United Kingdom. New Paperback Quantity Available: 1.

Whether you are using Linux on a home workstation or maintaining a network server, Running Linux will provide expert advice just when you need it. Wonderful; I use it all the time; keep it on my desk, close to hand. Matt is a long-time Linux advocate and developer, a role in which he has fielded questions from thousands of Linux users over the years. He was the original coordinator of the Linux Documentation Project and author of the original Linux Installation and Getting Started guide.

Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux, A, 4th Edition

He completed his Ph. Terry Dawson is an amateur radio operator and long time Linux enthusiast.

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Terry has 15 years professional experience in telecommunications and is currently engaged in network management research in the Telstra Research Laboratories.