Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film

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!! Patton Oswalt -Silver Screen Fiend - Talks at Google Dicussion !!

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Book #2: Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film, Patton Oswalt

In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days. Online Only. Between and , Patton Oswalt lived with an unshakable addiction. It wasn't drugs, alcohol, or sex: it was film.

Shelves upon shelves are filled with self-help books and recipes to take an ordinary life and make it an extraordinary one. Each of these books is written by psychiatrists, priests and some pompous, pious people that always found themselves to be better than everyone else.

You know, the worst type of narcissist known to mankind. But have you ever found one written by a comedian? Chew on that for a second and mull it over. There is no doubt that life is made by the ups and the downs of it all and karma is all right there to ensure a hearty, cringe-worthy laugh in the end.

That is exactly what comedian Patton Oswalt did back in January of It would easy to say that Oswalt took the complexities of life and spun it in a comedic black-and-white sense. I could say that all he does in his novel is talk about movies that he loves with little to no sustenance in the middle.

However, to say that would be selling a man with true intellectual thought short and depriving an enjoyable reading experience from anyone who wanted to see what he thought of the world around him. Around 15 years old, I discovered the ramblings of a lifelong nerd as he made his way through life.

Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life From An Addiction To Film

Scuffs and scratches intact, of course. With a touch of inspiring wisdom in what he said, I was hooked. Not a comment on the public education system; however, it could be. The book released in stores on January 6, , and I picked it up on January 7. Through sheer luck, I was able to get the second to last copy left on the new best-seller list. Expecting to laugh throughout the novel, I was pleasantly surprised. There is something so pure, so sweet about a listening to a person that you can tell that is genuine in this life.

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Patton oozes of it. Oswalt frequents the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles and, by frequent, I mean every night of the week to see either a single or a double feature. The old theater was run by an elderly man named Sherman Torgan who is arguably the hero of our story.

By Brad de Roo

Torgan plays various movies every night in his tiny multiplex on Beverly Boulevard. And for all of them, the reader can find a young Patton. Balancing the lifestyle of an overactive 20 something-year-old can be as challenging as changing the world by just a word. Oswalt describes his affection towards film became an addiction much like hard drugs.

In this time, he defines himself and others like him as a Sprocket Fiend. And the projector is your only clock. And the need for that subtle, clicking sprocket time makes you - made me - a sprocket fiend. Many times throughout the novel, Oswalt describes how he would rush between writing for a television show, stand-up gigs and holing himself away in the confines of a theater.

Oswalt takes the time to explain his sense of self-worth and loathing on the side as he works as an up and coming writer in the competitive market of Los Angeles. He fails time after time with a growing chip on his shoulder.